eddyvisor C: Advanced Non-Destructive Metal Testing with Eddy Current Technology

This digital eddy current test instrument is designed for multi-channel nondestructive testing of metal components, including mass-produced parts and semi-finished products for cracks, pores, and grinder burn using ibgs’ Preventive Multi-Filter Technology (PMFT) and for material properties such as hardness, case depth, microstructure, tensile strength, heat treatment, or alloy using ibgs’ Preventive Multi-Frequency Technology.

ibgs’ eddyvisor C distinguishes itself with its high-performance modular concept with max. 16 independent crack detection channels, max. 32 structure test channels and their combinations (based on four modules) – all in a very compact design. Additionally, it offers unique features for the realization of sophisticated test tasks using the eddy current technique, combined with the well-known ibg test reliability and ease of operation.

Revolutionary 100% Inline Detection: Eliminate Grinder Burn and Cracks with ibgs' Breakthrough Eddy Current Technology

The ibg family of digital crack detection instruments offers for the first time a simultaneous 100% inline detection of grinder burn and cracks in your production lines, making it a powerful tool for non-destructive metal testing. Due to automatically generated 360° tolerance zones, testing over 30 simultaneous bandpasses, and ibg’s own good-parts-referencing, you will also find defects that conventional instruments with defect-oriented calibration will miss. Up to now, conventional instruments require sophisticated and time-consuming manual determination and setting of suitable filter band, phase angle, and gain. We replace that with the ibg exclusive development of Preventive Multi-Filter Technology (PMFT) with automatic tolerance zone creation. This quantum leap in the eddy current technology, unique to ibg worldwide, establishes a new standard for quality in crack and grinder burn detection.

Upgrade Your Inspection Capabilities with eddyvisor C: A Proven System for Comprehensive Testing

The eddyvisor C is based on ibgs’ system concept proven for decades. All probes and rotating heads of our system family can be used. Therefore recommended not only as a solution for new test tasks but also as an upgrade for existing inspection machines to be equipped with state-of-the-art eddy current technology.

ibgs’ eddyvisor is available in three versions:

eddyvisor C ­
– crack test only 

eddyvisor S
– structure test only 

eddyvisor SC 
– structure and crack test combined in one unit

Advanced Technical Features of eddyvisor C

  • Signal evaluation by 30 PMFT bandpass filters with automatic tolerance zones.
  • Enveloping 360 degrees for precise non-destructive metal testing.
  • Machine learning algorithm creates tolerance zones based on good parts' basic noise signals.
  • Maintains visibility to various defects, reducing pseudo rejects and enhancing real flaw detection.
  • Define up to eight test stations with up to 32 locations for complex applications.
  • Independent stations can have different operating conditions and reference data.
  • Transmitting frequency selectable from 3 kHz to 10 MHz in 21 steps.
  • Receiving filter frequencies range from 6 Hz to 20 kHz with 30 bandpass filters.
  • Store up to 100 part types for crack detection and 250 part types for structure testing.
  • Easily switch between settings and reference data for automated processes.
  • Diverse crack detection probes are available with different scan widths, sensitivity, and designs.
  • Compact rotating heads like eddyscan H and eddyscan F offer cycle time-optimized crack tests.
  • Robust internal flash memory and USB backup for test results, part types, and device settings.
  • Export test data via Gigabit Ethernet network or AQDEF compliantly with eddyXporter software.
  • Heatmap C-Scan 2D/3D function for quick visualization of defects.
  • Real-time display synchronized with rotation, highlighting defect areas.
  • Multi-colored histogram shows test results, the latest bad parts, and up to 1,000 good parts.
  • Valuable for reference part cross-checks and process optimization.
  • Key switch-based access control for secure instrument operation.

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