Ai Cube CDP: Turning eddy current into NDT prediction of case depth

Leveraging the rich eddy-current signals of the ibg instrumentations such as eddyvisor S and eddyliner S, the innovative Ai Cube and its embedded deep learning AI model can numerically predict the case depth using various evaluation schemes. The Ai Cube CDP (case depth prediction) system offers a cutting-edge approach to non-destructive testing.

Simplify lab work and enable 100% inline prediction of case depth of every part

Combining high-speed instrumentation with rapid model calculation, the Ai Cube provides precise predictions of case depth even at production speed. Results can be displayed, exported, and triggered in various ways, such as predicting the hardness value at a given depth or the depth for a given degree of hardness. The underlying deep learning model has been extensively pre-trained on inductive heat-treated parts, making it robust and capable of being custom-trained with only a few parts. It operates on a given set of geometries and accommodates a broad range of variations. That makes it a practical solution for both lab and in-process applications for the evaluation of inductive heat treatment.

The ibg AI-based eddy current solution overcomes the assumption that metal hardness should only be tested / measured reliably using destructive methods. These traditional methods are costly, time-consuming, and prone to errors, limiting data throughput, volume, and timeliness. This restricts the use of the data for optimizing the different heat treatment procedures, shifts, and batch changes. With ibg’s AI solution, these limitations are overcome, making it feasible for quality assessment and production efficiency management.

Contribution to cost reduction and energy / CO2 reduction

Using ibg instrumentation and Ai Cube in the lab and/or for 100% inline testing paves the way for the next step in optimizing inductive heat treatment.

Inductive heat treatment is a complex and energy-consuming process that requires experience and data, with every new batch presenting a challenge. The Ai Cube with its embedded model is batch-neutral, functioning across batches without adaptation. Its simplicity, high speed, and batch-neutrality allow for the rapid collection of a rich set of lab / inline data on the heat treatment results. This data pool forms the basis for optimization in several directions:

  • Accelerating batch changes, improving efficiency.
  • Minimizing time delays for verification e.g., during shift work, enhancing efficiency.
  • Achieving more consistent quality, increasing the value-claim.
  • Using consistent quality to refine the process, optimizing energy and CO2 utilization.

Additionally, it allows claiming the value for the entire production volume as 100% tested by a predictive AI-based method.

Simple to integrate and easy to train

The ibg Ai Cube is available as a compact, self-contained box, that is easy to connect to new eddyvisor S and eddyliner S instruments with all ibg sensors. It is also retrofittable / upgradable to many of our installed instrumentation. Please contact us for further details.
The initial training of the customer-specific Ai Cube model takes place at our laboratory in Ebermannstadt, Germany, based on a small number of sample parts. Please ask for further details.

Advanced Technical Data Features of Ai Cube

  • Compact Design
  • Retrofittable to existing ibg instrumentation for structure testing
  • Standard interface to PC
  • Comprehensive visualization

Overview of Information about Ai Cube CDP

Connectivity of instrumentation by ibg – please ask us for a check.


IO-ports Optically insulated interface with 32 inputs and 32 outputs for PLC connection. Optionally, a second module with an additional 32 inputs and 32 outputs can be installed. Signal allocation to the IOs is free in the eddyvisor.
Network Gigabit Ethernet
XVGA The screen can be displayed on another screen in XGA resolution via HDMI and display port connector, essential for training.
Printer Commercially available printers can be connected via USB 2.0 or Ethernet to print test results.
USB Two USB ports at the back, one underneath for data storage.

Technical Data

Screen Tough 15” TFT touch screen, color display, resolution 1024 x 768 pixels, operable with gloves.
Housing Two models of eddyvisor are available: the Desktop version eddyvisor D (with retractable feet, inclined) or as a separated switch panel version with operating unit eddyvisor HMI and measuring unit eddyvisor M.
Power supply 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Ambient temperature 0 - 45°C
Relative humidity max. 85%, non-condensing
Dimensions (WxHxD) / Weight eddyvisor D 430 x 335 x 271 mm / 13 kg eddyvisor HMI 410 x 308 x 96 mm / 6 kg eddyvisor M 410 x 308 x 175 mm / 7 kg

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