Non-Destructive Testing in the Automotive Industry

Ensuring the Reliability of Vehicle Steering Components with NDT Inspections

Steering Racks, Gears, and Output Shafts are vital components in the automotive industry's steering system. Steering Racks convert rotational motion into linear motion to turn the wheels. Gears, a critical part of NDT in the automotive industry, are used to transfer power and torque, and Output Shafts transfer torque and rotational motion from the transmission to the drive wheels. These parts work together to control the direction and movement of a vehicle. If these components are faulty or fail, it can cause a loss of control of the vehicle, making it difficult to steer, shift gears, or even stay on the road. This can put the driver and other vehicles and people at serious risk.

Optimizing vehicle performance: The role of transmission shafts, pinion journals, and CV joint systems in non-destructive testing technology for the automotive industry

Transmission shafts, pinion pins, and Constant Velocity (CV) joint systems are essential components in any vehicle. They are designed to transfer power at varying speeds and angles for optimal performance. These components must be designed with high-quality materials and exacting tolerances to ensure peak performance and longevity. They also require regular maintenance and inspection to keep them in peak condition and maximize safety.

Enhancing Drivetrain Efficiency and Reliability: Cluster Gears, Hubs, and Axle Shafts in Focus

Cluster gears, hubs, and axle shafts form an integral part of the drivetrain in any automobile. Cluster gears provide reliable and efficient mechanical power transfer, while hubs connect the drivetrain to the wheels and provide a secure mounting point. Axle shafts transmit power from the drivetrain to the wheels and are usually made from lightweight and durable metals such as aluminum or steel. When it comes to drivetrain components, cluster gears, hubs, and axle shafts play an essential role in ensuring efficient power transfer, precise steering, and comfortable ride quality.

For more than 40 years, the ibg group has been a market leader in manufacturing eddy current test instruments for non-destructive testing in the automotive industry. Giving manufacturers reliable quality control.

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