ibg & AVIKO NDT Tech Training: Unlock the Full Potential of NDT Testing with ibg's Practical Training Programs: Learn, Implement, and Succeed

As part of our instrument program for crack and structure testing, we offer practical training for eddy current testing as well as for our AVIKO product range. Our training sessions are held in one of our locations in Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, or USA, in the offices of our worldwide sales partners, or in your company. Learn how testing with ibg helps to increase your productivity and quality while reducing production costs. Learn how ibg testing technology is used successfully. Discover how easy it is to implement ibg testing. Learn to setup your own test application and translate it into a successful implementation.

Comprehensive NDT Tech Training: Mastering ibg Instruments, Test Systems, and AVIKO Products

We offer:

  • Test instruments: Theoretical, and practical training on current and older ibg instruments
  • Test systems: instruction, tech training and production support for ibg test systems
  • AVIKO products: instruction, tech training, and production support for AVIKO Ball Scanner

Our trainers are experienced NDT experts who provide you with the theoretical basics to operate ibg test equipment and support you with useful tips and know-how.

Tailored Training Programs to Boost Your Expertise in Crack Detection, Structure Testing, and More

The training on instruments for crack & grinder burn detection for structure testing each lasts 1.5 days; an introductory training session is a maximum of one day. The duration and content of training for systems and AVIKO products need to be set individually with you and depend on the complexity of the test system as well as the knowledge and experience of your employees.

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