Mytolerans AB

Mytolerans is a family-owned company founded in 2001 and specialises in products and services in the field of metrology. Mytolerans specialises in the sale of mechanical and optical measuring machines used for quality control, monitoring and process control in various industries. As general agent for Sweden, Mytolerans is a proud partner of well-known brands such as Mahr, Alicona, ibg and Fami-Interieur. Mytolerans distinguishes itself with a unique concept based on specialised technologies and an accredited measurement laboratory. The company offers not only high-quality products, but also a comprehensive service, including calibration and training in surface texture and metrology. The aim is to offer the best in the market in terms of quality, support and expertise. This underlines Mytoleran's commitment to excellent customer service and technical expertise. Headquartered in Järfälla, Sweden, the company has been a proud part of the listed Momentum Group since September 2022. With a team of 11 employees, including 5 technicians, Mytolerans strives to provide world-class solutions for Swedish industry. Founder and co-owner André Prando-Lidström is available for further information and inquiries. Interested parties can contact him directly to learn more about Mytolerans' products, services and vision.

Contact details

Mytolerans AB
Datavägen 3A, 175 43 Järfälla / / Box 588, SE-175 26 Järfälla
175 43, Järfälla, Sweden

Mr. André Prando-Lidström   
Tel: Tel: +46 (0)8 584 301 43
Moblie: +46 (0)708 83 39 17

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