Revolutionize Non-Destructive Testing: ibgs' Advanced Crack Detection Instruments Ensure 100% Inline Detection of Grinder Burn and Cracks

ibgs’ family of digital crack detection instruments for non-destructive testing of metal components, mass-produced parts, and semi-finished products offers first a simultaneous 100% inline detection of grinder burn and cracks in your production lines. Due to testing up to 30 simultaneous bandpass filters, each with automatically generated 360° tolerance zones, and ibg’s good-part-only reference concept you will also detect defects that missed by conventional instruments with an artificial flaw-oriented setup.

Empowering NDT Experts with Effortless Tolerance Zone Generation

ibgs’ unique Preventive Multi-Filter Technology (PMFT) as a machine learning approach automatically creates tolerance zones by simply scanning good parts. Therefore it supports trained NDT experts not to invest their time again and again in manual determination and setting of suitable filter bands, phase angles, and gain as traditional ET instruments require that. Additionally, our crack testing equipment allows NDT experts to concentrate on root cause analysis of NOK parts and develop appropriate remedial measures in their production process.

Effortless Setup: Unique Good-Part-Only Concept for Rapid and Reliable Eddy Current Testing

Our also unique good-part-only concept enables setup within a few minutes. Simply scan and record an adequate number of good parts. Tolerance zones, enveloping 360 degrees, within each of the 30 PMFT filter bands are automatically generated capturing the allowable noise from good parts to form good part "fingerprints" in each of the 30 PMFT filter bands. This noise relates to acceptable surface roughness, grinding texture, and material properties, but includes also edge effects, hardness profile run out, or eccentricity. Therefore pseudo rejects are reduced considerably without losing visibility to real flaws. After reference data recording is finished, one key press switches to Preventive Multi-Filter Test using our crack testing equipment. Now you should verify your new setup by testing an artificial flaw part with a defect according to the required spec size. If this part is detected successfully, you are good to go and the test can start. Faster starting yet more reliable eddy current testing is not possible. 

You can rest assured that all members of our ibg instruments family eddyvisor, eddyliner, and eddguard feature the same breakthrough technologies that give you the sensitivity and repeatability you need to test with certainty.

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