Introducing Demagnetizer Loaders and Elevators for Seamless Ball Scanning Process Enhancement

In the world of ball scanning, precision is paramount. That's why we offer demagnetizer loaders and elevators, essential tools for ensuring accurate results during ball scanning. Discover how these components can seamlessly integrate with your scanning process and enhance your quality control.

Enhance Ball Scanning Precision with Demagnetizer: Ensure Accurate Results

The demagnetizer is intended to demagnetize balls prior to entering the ball scanners. It is mandatory that balls are demagnetized prior to the scanning process for all ball scanners. The main eddy-current probe is responsible for the detection of cracks and sub-surface defects, which are strongly influenced by magnetism. This could lead to false results. The demagnetizer can be connected to the AVIKO ball scanners or used as a standalone unit.

Technical Specification

  Dimensions (L×W×H) 1 050 × 950 × 1 600 (mm)
  Load 250 kg
  Power 230V, 50Hz/60Hz (E plug)
    110V, 50Hz/60Hz (B plug)
  Range 2.778 - 6.350 mm
  Order Number (0306) K 076 200A

Efficient Ball Handling with Motorized Elevator: Streamline Your Production Process

The elevator can be connected to a main ball distribution system and prepared for the next step in the overall process. The elevator can also be used at the outlet of the AVIKO ball scanner. The filling level of the balls in the box is detected by a sensor at the bottom of the elevator. After the sensor detects the top level, the elevator moves by the set distance.

Order Information

Elevator Motorized 0320 3.000 – 20.000 S 095 000
Elevator Motorized 1830 18.000 – 30.000 S 095 050
Elevator Motorized 3060 30.000 – 60.000 S 095 100
Elevator Motorized 4080 40.000 – 80.000 S 073 970
Elevator Motorized 60100 60.000 – 100.000 S 095 150

Elevator Static: Versatile Ball Handling Solution for AVIKO Scanners

Ground stand stationary elevator has the ability to be connected to all AVIKO ball scanners. The elevator can be used as an input or output elevator. For transportation to the box, we recommend the elevator with the motorized vertical movement.

Order Information

Elevator Static 0320 3.000 – 20.000 S 095 200
Elevator Static 1830 18.000 – 30.000 S 095 250
Elevator Static 3060 30.000 – 60.000 S 095 300
Elevator Static 4080 40.000 – 80.000 S 095 350
Elevator Static 60100 60.000 – 100.000 S 095 400

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