Instruments & Systems: Revolutionary Digital Eddy Current Testing Solutions by ibg

Transform Your Manufacturing Quality with Seamless and User-Friendly Digital Eddy Current Testing Instrumentation

Discover the cutting-edge world of digital eddy current testing with ibg's innovative range of instruments. Our technology offers a revolutionary simultaneous 100% inline test, elevating reliability to an unprecedented level. From detecting grinder burn and cracks to analyzing structural changes, our instruments operate within production lines with non-contact precision.

The power of our instruments lies not only in their functionality but also in their user-friendliness. With clear guidance, a unified operational concept across all devices, and multiple language options, optimizing our instruments for your needs becomes effortless.

Explore our versatile range of models: the modular eddyvisor, the compact eddyliner, and the DIN-rail mounted eddyguard. Each solution is designed to cater to specific tasks, ensuring your production quality reaches new heights.

Revolutionize Structural Testing with Cutting-Edge Eddy Current Instruments and PMFT Technology

Our digital eddy current test instruments redefine structural testing. Employing Preventive Multi-Filter Technology (PMFT), they analyze metal components, mass-produced parts, and semi-finished products non-destructively. The use of Multi-Frequency Technology, ibg's unique good-part-only concept, and the innovative Simultaneous Harmonic Analysis iSHA and temperature-adaptive structure test iTAS result in enhanced opportunities for eddy current structure testing.

Achieve Foolproof Crack and Grinder Burn Detection with PMFT Technology in our Eddy Current Test Instrumentations

Crack and grinder burn detection becomes foolproof with our digital eddy current test instruments. PMFT technology facilitates non-destructive testing for cracks, pores, and grinder burn in metal components. Our instruments detect issues that conventional methods might miss, thanks to automatically generated 360° tolerance zones, simultaneous bandpass filtering, and ibg's fail-safe good-part-only approach.

Unlock Synergistic Crack, Grinder Burn, and Structure Testing with Our High-Performance Eddy Current Test Devices

Experience the synergy of crack, grinder burn detection, and structure tests in one powerful instrument. Our digital eddy current test devices excel in the non-destructive testing of components. With up to 16 independently functioning crack detection channels, up to 32 structure test channels, and seamless combinations of both, these devices redefine high-performance testing.

Partner with ibg for Comprehensive Eddy Current Solutions and NDT Excellence

Our journey started four decades ago, fueled by customer demand for turnkey eddy current systems. The ibg mechanical engineering division was established to meet this demand, producing robust and smart solutions for automated testing. From small parts to heavy components, our systems ensure quality by detecting cracks, pores, grinder burn, and verifying correct structure.

Our expertise extends beyond equipment, offering comprehensive services including consulting, technical training, instrument checks, repairs, and annual certifications. Partner with ibg for unmatched NDT excellence and experience the confidence that comes with complete solutions.

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