Revolutionize Production Control with the Diameter Sorter: Precision and Efficiency Redefined

In the intricate landscape of modern manufacturing, precision and efficiency are paramount. Welcome to the realm of cutting-edge technology – the Diameter Sorter, a game-changer in production quality control. Combining the prowess of diameter and structural testing into one seamless process, this innovation redefines industry standards, promising a future where precision meets productivity.

Unlock Precision Sorting Possibilities: DS Diameter Sorters from 3mm to 60mm

The Diameter Sorter is more than a machine; it's a strategic advantage for production control. Capable of sorting balls within the range of 3 mm to 60 mm, it caters to diverse needs, from micro-components to substantial elements. The DS 0310, DS 0820, DS 1830, and DS 3060 models are engineered to perfection, offering a spectrum of sorting possibilities that beckon manufacturers toward new horizons.

Elevate Quality Control with Non-Destructive Technology and Intuitive HMI

Central to its brilliance is the integration of non-contact and non-destructive testing methodologies. The DS Diameter Sorters engage state-of-the-art technology to inspect and sort without compromising the integrity of the items. A touch screen-controlled Human-Machine Interface (HMI) adds finesse to the process, enabling intuitive control and swift data analysis. Efficiency becomes your ally, as the synergy between technology and user interface drives operational excellence.

Choose Quality and Precision for Your Future with ibg NDT Technology

At ibg NDT Technology our commitment to quality and production control is unwavering. The Diameter Sorter exemplifies this commitment, reflecting our dedication to engineering excellence. We craft machines and products that not only meet but surpass expectations, safeguarding the reputation of your brand and the satisfaction of your clients.
Investing in a Diameter Sorter is an investment in control, in precision, and in your future. As the wheels of production turn, let our technology guide them with unwavering accuracy. Elevate your operations, enhance your quality control, and experience a new era where each sorted component signifies a step toward manufacturing excellence.

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