Delivering Quality NDT Services: ibg Group's Commitment to Excellence

Technological progress, permanent change, and the complexity of the needs of our customers require a systematic and planned activity. Our quality management for an excellent quality NDT service is based on customer requirements, market needs and complies with applicable laws, international standards, and technical rules.

Fostering a Culture of Quality: ibg Group's Customer-Centric Approach

A prerequisite for the fulfillment of all guidelines is a “living” culture of quality, which puts the customer at the center and ensures continuous improvement as a top priority. The importance of quality for the ibg Group makes it possible to realize products, systems, and services to the full satisfaction of our customers.

ibg Group's Quality NDT Services for Automotive and Aerospace

For many years, our mission has been to develop NDT test solutions for complete quality management for our clients for excellent quality NDT services. Our systems and instruments can be found wherever a zero-defect principle is required. Key areas are the automotive and aerospace industries, where we have developed long-term partnerships with major international companies and corporations due to our broad know-how and high flexibility. Trust and confidentiality are key issues for our customers, we therefore restrict ourselves to only naming some of our partners. Selected approved reference projects can be presented during a personal meeting.

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