Jupiter Tech Kft.

"Jupiter Tech Kft. was founded in 2012. It provides material testing/measuring equipment and provides support to the corporate and university partners of industrial producers and service providers. Our products and technological solutions basically provide innovative and modern solutions in production and quality assurance, which in many cases are essential tools for the operation or development of companies. These production enterprises ensure the secure and efficient operation and future. Our main task is to introduce the selection of tools, support their use and ensure the continuous supply of consumables. The result of all these tasks is the value that provides our partners with benefits that ensure the basis of a long-term successful partnership, the success of our company's development and the secure future of our families. Main activities: Non-destructive material testing: penetration, magnetic powder, visual, ultrasonic, eddy current, radiography, leak testing, coating, element detection and analyses, etc. Metallographic inspection, hardness testing, Microscopes, cleanliness inspection"

Contact details

Jupiter Tech Kft.
Fáklyaliliom u 3
1029 Budapest, Hungary

Mr. József Csapó
Tel.: +36 1 951 9945

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