Annual Inspection and Maintenance: Ensure Peak Performance of Your AVIKO Testing Equipment

An Annual Inspection of Mechanical and Control Components of the AVIKO testing equipment is performed and documented by a Qualified Person in accordance with specifications provided by ibg as original equipment manufacturer (OEM), requirements of applicable codes or standards, and requirements of the inspection plan prepared by the technician of record. 

Thorough Inspection of Mechanical and Control Components for Optimal Equipment Performance

The inspection of mechanical components typically involves but is not limited to, the inspection of bearings (axial and radial clearances), inspection of all springs, and replacement of faulty belts, o-rings, and filters. The inspection of control components is for the purpose of ascertaining that those components are calibrated and operating properly, and this typically involves, but should be not limited to, the inspection of ECT (Eddy Current Test), EOT (Electronic Optical Test) & EVT (Electronic Vibration Test)

Comprehensive Annual Inspection Reports: Protecting Your Investment and Ensuring Production Efficiency

Finally, a report is prepared by our technician which records complete and concise information about the Annual Mechanical and Controls Inspection, any tests performed, and maintenance and repairs. The report must be kept permanently in a usable format and used as part of the Equipment log. As a side note, your customers' auditors typically ask for exactly these inspection reports during the annual audit of your production. But it's not just about having a report. Rather, it protects your investment in testing technology and ensures that expensive downtimes due to machine failures and a higher pseudo-reject rate due to worn components are avoided.

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