Revolutionizing Industrial Testing: AI and Machine Learning Integration by Ibg NDT Technology

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial testing and quality assurance, ibg NDT Technology stands at the forefront, harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI-ML) to revolutionize eddy current test solutions. With a commitment to delivering excellence, we have seamlessly integrated machine learning algorithms into our state-of-the-art equipment, setting a new standard for reliability and precision in any industry.

Machine Learning Integration: Ensuring Precision and Quality in Testing

Since the inception of our current generation of ibg devices, machine learning algorithms have become an integral part of our testing processes. We employ these algorithms for both crack and structure examinations, ensuring that our equipment consistently showcases OK parts. Any deviations from this optimal state, be they anomalies, defects, or wrong microstructure, are promptly identified and addressed.

Crack Testing Efficiency: Innovative Methods for Precise Preventive Examinations

In crack testing, our innovative approach combines the simultaneous use of 30 bandpass filters with tolerance field definitions through polar curves. This methodology empowers our equipment to conduct preventive examinations efficiently, benefiting from Artificial Intelligence integration. Even the simple act of incorporating data from just 10 components into our reference data often suffices to initiate this preventive process.

Enhanced Structure Examination: ibg's Preventive Multi-Frequency Technology for Maximum Reliability

Our commitment to preventive testing extends to structure examination as well. Here, the ibg´s Preventive Multi-Frequency Technology (iPMFT) and Simultaneous Harmonic Analysis, with the added benefit of Artificial Intelligence integration, guarantee maximum test reliability in 100% testing. Heat treatment results can be monitored cost-efficiently, at high speed, and reliably, and even unexpected defects are detected with the highest sensitivity. The eight fundamental wave test frequencies as well as the analysis of two harmonics guarantee maximum results. This meticulous approach ensures the early detection of potential issues, safeguarding the integrity of your products.

Unlocking Complex Insights: ibg's Deep Learning Expertise in NDT Technology

At ibg NDT Technology, we recognize that some tasks demand a more sophisticated evaluation approach, which is why we leverage Artificial Intelligence integration. That's where Artificial Intelligence, particularly deep learning, comes into play. For complex challenges like testing ceramic balls or judging grinder burn damage by its shape, we have embarked on deep learning projects that require substantial datasets (often exceeding 3000 entries). Our team of experts painstakingly develops model structures and methods to meet these demands.

Unveiling Hidden Patterns: ibg's Deep Learning for Quality Assurance Confidence

The essence of deep learning lies in its ability to unearth intricate and nonlinear relationships within data. Our deep learning evaluation is designed to unveil hidden patterns and insights, enabling us to tackle even the most challenging quality assurance tasks with confidence.

Elevate Quality and Reliability: ibg NDT's Innovation with Machine Learning and AI

At ibg NDT Technology, our dedication to innovation, precision, and continuous improvement is unwavering. By seamlessly integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence into our crack and structure test solutions, we empower your industry operations to achieve unparalleled levels of quality and reliability. Trust ibg NDT Technology to be your partner in safeguarding the excellence of your products, today and in the future.

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