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Automatic Eddy Current Test Systems
The New Standard of Eddy Current Testing for Structure Test and
Crack, Pore, and Grinder Burn Detection

Automatic test system for single cams

Just a short time after launching our first generation of test instruments 35 years ago, customers approached us with a request - can we supply innovative turnkey eddy current test systems from one source. Since then we have developed, manufactured and delivered several hundred automatic eddy current test systems for a multitude of test parts to customer world-wide. From small balls of 1.5mm to heavy steering knuckles for lorries: all test parts are tested for cracks, pores and grinder burn or for correct structure as per your specifications. Well designed and robust mechanics guarantee fast cycle times and long availability in a rough three-shift environment. From simple mechanical designs to highly complex fully automatic test systems for fast inline tests, we put together an overall package including a purpose and optimum designed system and the guarantee that your specifications are kept. An important unique feature, when you yourselves have to bear elsewhere the responsibility for a successful conjunction of test equipment and handling system. Do you want to benefit from our long lasting experience in mechanical engineering? Our experts will be pleased to receive your inquiry. The following PDF of automatic eddy current test system solutions gives you a first impression of the variety of our solutions.

PDF of Other Automatic Eddy Current Test System - Inline, 100% Zero Defect, Testing, and Auditing

Automatic test system for steering nuts

Automatic test system for big cylinder liners

Automatic test system for big rollers

ibg NDT Systems - Designers and manufacturers of state-of-the-art NDT eddy current testers, instruments, and automatic test systems for automotive, bearing and other metal components including fastener, forged and cast parts, hard metals, precision stamped parts, etc.