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ibg NDT Systems has during the past years become the market leader of component testing based on eddy current technology. Our success is based on development of high quality eddy current instruments that are in line with the market requirements, i.e., that are capable of making eddy current testing of components reliable, robust in use in production lines and easily implemented on the factory floor or in the lab.

ibg continues to offer new and up to date eddy current instrument solutions. The instrument family eddyvisor®, a product family designed for complex tasks was completed two years ago. And now ibg launches the new generation eddyliner®, which is the subject of this newsletter. The new eddyliner®i!!O instruments are designed mainly for standard applications, for structure test and crack detection, yet they offer all of the newly developed capabilities and advanced functions.

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Bill Buschur

ibg launches the eddyliner®digital as a test instrument specially designed for manufacturers of safety-critical components, i.e. for automotive industry and their suppliers.

The eddy current test instrument eddyliner®digital S reliably verifies components for correct hardness, material mix and heat treatment parameters.

The eddyliner®digital C detects efficiently and definitely surface defects like cracks, pores and grinder burn. Both instruments apply respectively Preventive Multi-Frequency or Preventive Multi-Filter Technology that detect unexpected defects as well as expected ones. Traditional instruments are set to a certain failure pattern only. While the Multi-Frequency & Multi-Filter technology has the big advantage of detecting a wide range of possible, including unanticipated, defects.

The instruments are used in production lines but also as a flexible device for small and medium series testing. Due to extended range of functions like harmonic wave testing, lift-off compensation and additional amplification, difficult applications may also be solved. Typical parts include functional and safety critical components such as bearings, power train, transmission, brake, steering, suspension, safety components, etc. that are produced in large quantities. ibg also designs and builds turnkey test systems that utilize our instruments. All instruments, sensors and mechanical part handling systems are developed and manufactured in house.

eddyliner® digital S

Structure test using Preventive Multi-Frequency Technology

Reliable testing, easy handling, flexible operation, and seamless documentation of test results: these features are nowadays expected by operators of an "ideal" test instrument. ibg meets these requirements with its structure test instrument eddyliner® digital S. The instrument is suitable for either integration in automated production lines or flexible use in a laboratory for small and medium series testing. Thanks to harmonic wave analysis, test tasks which have been "impossible" up to now, will get a solution.

Further facts in catchwords:

  • Preventive Multi-Frequency Test with 8 frequencies to detect unexpected defects as well as expected ones
  • One test channel; extended frequency range from 5 Hz to 3 MHz
  • Harmonic wave analysis
  • Clear graphic display of tolerance zones, test results and history of the latest tested parts
  • Versatile evaluation and documentation options
  • Extremely fast test time in milliseconds range
  • Good parts only needed for calibration of instrument
  • Very easy operation, also by semi-skilled staff
  • USB and Ethernet interfaces

eddyliner® digital C

Crack detection using Preventive Multi-Filter Technology

The Preventive Multi-Filter Technology, previously applied only with the eddyvisor® C, is now also implemented in the eddyliner® digital C. Only good parts are needed for setup of the intrument, after which all defects including unexpected defects, i.e., cracks of any orientation, porosi,ty or grinder burn are all automaticaUy detected and each type with maximum signal to noise ratios (contrary to the traditional eddy current crack detection method).

Instrument features include:

  • Carrier frequency range 3 kHz -10MHz
  • Preventive Multi-Filter method with one channel
  • Lift-off compensation as option.
  • LCD color touch screen
  • 30 band pass filters in the range of 6 Hz -5 kHz
  • Bargraph diagram, X/Y diagram with tolerance zone display, x(t) and y(t) or three-dimensional C-scan display
  • 32 inputs and outputs for connection to a PLC

The eddyliner®@ digital market launch was the occasion to invite all our representatives to the International Sales Meeting in Nuremberg in January 2011. More than forty participants from twenty countries were welcomed for product workshops, hands-on seminars and exchange of experience. ibg sets great value in providing its sales partners with sound technical knowledge and corresponding high qualifications.