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The Sure Source for Eddy Current NDT Solutions - ibg NDT Systems

ibg NDT Systems has 35 years experience in design and manufacture of state-of-the-art eddy current testers, instruments, and systems for testing mass produced metal components.

Eddy Current Testers and Complete Eddy Current Test Equipment, Systems

From inception ibg NDT Systems has been market leader in manufacture of eddy current test instruments for nondestructive testing of metal components and has set the standard for the technology. ibg invented and developed material property/structure testing using multi-frequency test protocols with simultaneous harmonic analysis, temperature-adaptive structure test, automatic tolerance zone generation,  multi-filter crack and grinder burn detection and much more.

Innovations and inventions from ibg shape the market, enabling successful solutions to your most challenging testing tasks. Additionally, the ongoing technical and service support of our customers is well known.

Components Tested Typically Have Been Subjected to Processes of:

  • Forming
  • Machining
  • Heat Treating
  • Finishing

Components Tested are Typically Vital to the Function, Safety or Value of End Product Automotive Parts and Systems Including:

  • Engines, Transmissions and Drive Train Components
  • Valve and Powertrain Systems
  • Steering, Chassis and Suspension Systems
  • Safety Systems, Airbags, Seat Belts, Doors, Parking Pawls
  • Bearings, Bearing Components
  • Gears, Shafts, Fasteners
  • Forged and Cast Parts
  • Hard Metals and Precision Stamped Parts

Eddy Current Testing Equipment for What?

  • Verify correct material properties from heat treatment including hardness, case depth and pattern, retained austenite, decarb and others
  • Identify material mix and correct alloy
  • Confirm as-forged or as-cast conditions prior to heat treatment
  • Grinder burn detection
  • Detect cracks, seams, pits and other surface flaws