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eddyvisor® C/SC
Heatmap C-Scan 2D/3D

The new visual Heatmap C-Scan 2D/3D enhances ibg‘s high performance digital eddy current instruments with display of results of crack detection tests in a much more informative way.

eddyvisor® SC

Heatmap C-Scan 2D/3D

The new display Heatmap C-Scan 2D/3D provides a quick overview of cracks and grinder burn by a single key stroke.

The 2D view presents the surface of the test part as a plane top view. All test signals are displayed synchronous to the rotation, resp. the trigger signal. The OK areas are depicted in green or blue, flaw signals in red, orange or white depending on their intensity. Thus the location of a defect is visible at first glance.

During operation, the Heatmap of a selected probe and filter frequency can be watched in real time. Data of another filter frequency can be recorded in parallel in the background. It will be stored in the parts history and can be recalled later.

Heatmap C-Scan 2D/3D

Recognize tendencies before rejects occur

The 3D view shows the location as well as the geometrical shape of the signal strength of all defects - clearly and at a glance.

The color gradient of the C-Scan is modified by setting the separation figures, highlighting crack signals and fading out good areas.

Signals below the crack threshold are visible by a suitable definition of the separation figures and thus tendencies may be recognised even before rejects occur.

Recognize Tendencies

Data history and image data

The eddyvisor® stores the Heatmap data of the selected filter frequency of a probe for all test parts displayed in the history.

Up to 1,000 good parts and the latest 100 bad parts are directly available for analysis.

Heatmap C-Scan can be stored as jpg-file by capturing a screenshot on a USB flash drive, enriching your test protocols or presentations.

Image presentation can also provide valuable hints for optimization of the process.

Data History

Upgrades for eddyvisor® C/SC

eddyvisor® test instruments from serial number 923 onwards can easily be software-upgraded to version EV03.015 with the new Heatmap function.

The upgrade can be ordered directly at ibg or the ibg representatives.

For a limited period our "trade-in-program" offers the exchange of HMIs of older eddyvisor® instruments against the up-to-date hardware version. Thus existing instruments may benefit from the new Heatmap function. Feel free to contact us.

Upgrades for  eddyvisor®

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