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Eddy Current Part Testing and Inspection Videos

  • Eddy Current Crack Detection on Pins

    Robot for handling - precise positioning. Spherical X-probe - precise probe guiding by robot - scanning rotating test part for cracks - lift-off compensation - robot handling and scanning - OK / NOK sorting output.

    Crack Detection on Triple Clutch Housing

    Handling robot and scanning robot-type detection. Precise probe guiding by robot - crack test / PMFT - crack test between boreholes - OK / NOK sorting output.

  • Crack and Grinder Burn Test on Outer Rings

    Robotic test bench - complex curves precisely scanned - robot handling and scanning.

    Crack and Structure Test on Lobes for Assembled Camshafts

    Inline test system - optical inspection - crack test on upper face - crack test on metal surface - duplicated structure test - eddyvisor® SC - percentage OK / NOK parts - four different measuring coils - OK / NOK sorting output.

  • ibg test center for pinion shafts crack, structure, gauging and visual inspection

    Automatic inline test system - crack test station - reduction in cycle time - length measurement - structure test station - eddyvisor® S - dimension measurement - gauging - visual inspection.

    Crack and Structure Test on Steering Pinions

    Preventive multi-frequency technology - compact system design + robot handling - eddyvisor® SC - robot handling to crack test station - differential probe for crack test - interference-free system - consistently good test conditions.

  • Crack, Grinder Burn and Structure Test on Ball Nuts

    eddyvisor® SC - structure test with circular coil - compact system design + robot handling - precise probe guiding.


    Crack test on rings - ballrace and inner- and outer diameter.

ibg NDT Systems - Designers and manufacturers of state-of-the-art NDT eddy current testers, instruments, and systems for automotive, bearing and other metal components including fastener, forged and cast parts, hard metals, precision stamped parts, etc.