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Eddy Current Testers - Crack Test Instruments
Technical Considerations

Cracked Component

Needle With EDM Master Crack

Instruments : Developed for Crack & Grinder Burn Detection Testing of Component Parts

Digital Eddy Current Test Instruments with Unique Functions

The new ibg family of digital eddy current test instruments, with unique technology innovations, provides a simultaneous 100% inline test at an up to now unknown level of test reliability. Detection of grinder burn and cracks in the parts can be carried out directly in your production lines. Clear user guidance, an identical operating concept on all instruments and several operating languages will make it easy to make the most of our instruments. Whether it is the modular eddyvisor®, the compact eddyliner® or the top hat rail assembled eddyguard® - we have the right solution for each task.

Crack & Grinder Burn Detection

Digital eddy current test instruments for non-destructive testing of metal components, mass-produced parts and semi-finished products for cracks, pores and grinder burn using Preventive Multi-Filter Technology (PMFT) and Simultaneous Harmonic Analysis. The new ibg family of digital crack detection instruments offers a first -- simultaneous 100% inline detection of grinder burn and cracks in your production lines. Due to automatically generated 360° tolerance zones, testing in up to 30 band pass filters simultaneously and ibg's good-part-only calibration concept, you will detect defects, including grinder burn, that are missed by conventional instruments with a known-flaw-oriented setup.

eddyvisor® SC - Crack / Grinder Burn Detection and Structure Test in One Instrument

Digital eddy current test instrument for non-destructive testing of components, mass produced parts and semi-finished products for cracks, pores and grinder burn and for material properties such as hardness, case depth, structure, tensile strength, heat treatment or alloy using Preventive Multi-Frequency Technology and Simultaneous Harmonic Analysis. High performance modular concept with max. 16 independently working crack detection channels, max. 32 structure test channels and combinations of that in only one device. The eddyvisor® SC is recommended whenever you need an instrument to carry out inline test with several stations, both for crack and structure test.

ibg NDT Systems - Designers and manufacturers of state-of-the-art NDT eddy current testing equipment, instruments, and systems for automotive, bearing and other metal components including fastener, forged and cast parts, hard metals, precision stamped parts, etc.