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Eddy Current Test Systems - Inline 100% Test & Audit Systems

Transmission Shafts, Pinion Pins, CV Joint System - Test for Hardness, Structure, Material Properties

Transmission Drive Shafts

  • Audit test systems
  • Illustrated part shows cross section of part tested for hardness, and case depth
  • Complete system shown at left
  • Testing at up to 16 locations along shaft

Camshaft hardness testing

Structure test on drive shafts

  • with eddyliner® P4, four channel instrument
  • Test for hardness, hardness depth and hardness runout in the spline

Structure test of inductively hardened drive shafts

  • With eddyliner® P16, at up to 16 programmable positions
  • Test for hardness, hardness depth and hardness runout

Pinion Pins

Inspection of pinion pins for hardness, case depth and hardening position

  • Diameters: 12-25mm
  • Length: 25-45mm
  • Cycle rate: 72 parts/min.

Structure test of pinion pins after the grinding machine

  • Test rate:3,600 parts/h
  • Range of parts: ∅ 18mm up to 28mm, length: 55mm up to 100mm

CV Joint System

  • Test on inner and outer diameter with eddyliner® P3 three channel instrument
  • Hardness
  • Case depth on shaft inside the bell of CV bells
  • Core hardness
  • Hardness at shaft (runout)
  • Cycle time: 15 seconds/part

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