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Eddy Current Test Systems - Inline 100% Test & Audit Systems

Cluster Gears, Hubs, Axle Shafts - Test Systems for Hardness, Structure, Material Properties

Cluster Gears

  • Audit test system
  • Photo shows part tested for
  • Hardness and case depth at four locations
  • Complete system shown at left

Wheel Hubs

Inspection of hubs for correct heat treatment and material mix

  • Hardening depth on bearing surface
  • Test for surface hardness, tempering of basic material and correct alloying
  • Cycle time ≤ 8 seconds

Axle Shafts

Structure test on axle shafts

  • With eddyliner®P16, at 15 positions along the shaft and in the fillet area in transition from shaft to flange
  • Test for hardness, case depth, core hardness and hardening runout in the spline

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