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Eddy Current Testing Systems - Inline
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Steering Racks, Gears, Output Shafts - Testing for Hardness, Structure, Material Properties

Steering Racks

Testing of steering racks for multi-positions

  • Hardness
  • Hardening depth
  • Material mix
  • 3 test positions (3 test coils)
  • Fully-automatic, in-line
  • 150 parts/hour
  • Lockable container for NOT O.K. parts

Hardness and case depth test of hydro-steering racks(interlinked in the induction hardening machine)

  • Four channel eddyliner® P4 instrument integrated into a two-way-hardening-machine
  • Test carried out at two positions: at the shaft and at the toothed area. Two racks tested at the same time.

Testing for hardness and hardness depth of hydro steering racks at 7 test positions

  • Cycle time: up to 3 parts/minute
  • Part types: universal

Testing of steering rack on 9 positions

  • Hardness
  • Hardening depth
  • Material mix
  • 9 positions (9 sets of coils)
  • Semi-automatic system:manual feeding, auto testing and manual unloading


Monitoring of hardening process on gears

  • 16 channel eddyliner® P16 PMFT instrument
  • In the hardening shop of a major automobile manufacturer in Aspern/Vienna/Austria, 11 different gears are carburized and hardened in a continuous heat-treating furnace. In regular intervals, the parts are tested by destructive methods: cutting, embedding, grinding, polishing and microexamination. In case of a malfunctioning of the furnace, complete containers must be screapped, even if half of the parts are OK.
  • After the test system has been installed, saving approximate DM 386000 each year can (not even considering labor cost for sorting due to furnace malfunctioning).

Crack detection on face side of gears

  • Cycle time: <20 seconds per part
  • Crack specification: 10.000mm length x 0.100mm width x 0.500mm depth
  • Crack Orientation: radia

Output Shafts

  • Illustration shows cross section of part tested for hardness, case depth and case depth run out
  • Complete system shown at left

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