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Universal Automatic Sorting Devices - new

Cost Effective, Universal and Quick Automatic Sorting
UNISort 10 HD
UNISort 25 HD
UNISort 40 HD
UNISort 63 HD
Eddy Current Sorting of tested parts with diameter up to 63 mm
  UNISort 10 HD UNISort 25 HD UNISort 40 HD UNISort 63 HD
Weight 3 kg 4 kg 8 kg 13 kg
Supply voltage solenoids     24 VDC  
Ambient temperature     -10 up to + 60°C  
Protection class     IP 55  
Max. temperature of parts     50°C  
Part number P/N 11095-10 P/N 11095-25 P/N 11095-40 P/N 11095-63

The Universal Sorting Devices UNISort 10 HD, 25 HD, 40 HD and 63 HD are designed for operation with eddyvisor® eddyliner® S, eddynomic® and eddysort®. UNISort is controlled by the ibg structure test instruments, a separate control is not needed.

Power for the UNISort 10 / 25 / 40 HD is supplyed by the integrated power supply unit of the eddyvisor®, eddyliner® S, eddynomic® and eddysort®, the UNI Sort 63 HD has a separate power supply unit.

UNISort integrates the test coil and sorting gate into one automatic test/sorting devices. It is designed for semi-automatic testing and for easy integration as a part of a fully automatic mass production line.

The sorting gate operation is monitored by a proximity switch, which in combination with coil monitoring by the ibg NDT instruments ensures reliable and fail-safe testing.

We would be pleased to help you to find the universal sorting device best suited for your application.

Furthermore, we offer customized sorting devices to solve special applications and advice on the various technical possibilities – please contact us.

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