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Steering Racks, Gears, Output Shafts – Testing for Hardness, Structure, Material Properties
Steering Racks

Automatic Hardness and Case Depth Test of Hydro-Steering racks (interlinked in the induction hardening machine)

Test coils with steering racks. In the background the inductors for induction hardening as well as the quenching device can be seen.

View of eddyliner® P4 in a dustproof steel cabinet. Exemplary of positioning compensation part (Door underneath eddyliner® P4).

Coil switch with connecting cable to the 4 test coils and 2 compensation coils.

Steering racks during testing. The cooling device can be seen on the left.
2 steering racks in test position

TWIN model for a two-way hardening machine. Test carried out at two positions at the shaft and the toothed area. Very favorably priced solution, as the eddyliner® P4 is used with a 2-coil switch.

  • Audit testing system
  • Test is for hardness and case depth
  • Photo shows part tested
  • Complete system shown at left
Output Shaft
  • Illustration shows cross section of part tested for hardness, case depth and case depth run out
  • Complete system shown at left
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