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Testing for material mix and structure variations in Critical Parts

Highest accuracy and temperature stability

The eddyliner® S, eddynomic® and eddysort® eddy current instruments operate on differential coils. Two separate coils are required for testing. One (the measuring coil) reads the characteristics of the part being tested. The other (the compensation coil) provides a compensating electrical vector. The instrument measures the differential voltage between the two at several selected frequencies. Resultant voltages of the complex impedance planes are displayed on either a CRT or LCD display and are stored in computer memory. Locus curves develop for the spread of frequencies, creating specific patterns for the materials characteristics under review.

There are important advantages of this method compared to the single coil (absolute) approach. Changes of differential vector are more pronounced, resulting in better resolution and greater precision. Drift is virtually eliminated. Temperature stability is enhanced.

Introducing new technologies, ibg has succeeded in compensating temperature fluctuations between measuring and compensation coils tenfold over previous practice.

Coils and eddy current probes are common to all ibg NDT instruments. Standard transducers cover a wide range of applications. Special developments are offered for specific tasks. Specialization may cover:

  • Lower or higher frequency ranges
  • Customized inner and outer dimensions
  • Rectangular coils
  • Shielded transducers to eliminate unwanted effects
Encircling Coils
Range of Frequency 25Hz-25KHz
Inner Dimension
10mm 16mm 25mm 40mm 50mm 63mm 80mm 100mm 125mm
Outer Dimension
80×80×35 150×150×50mm
Eddy Current Probes
Range of Frequency
2.5KHZ-250KHZ 250HZ-25KHZ 25HZ-2.5KHZ
10mm 16mm 25mm
Application Recommendations:
Range of Application Range of Frequency
Material Mix
    Probe Encircling Coil Shielded Encircling Coil Rectangular Coil Flat Coil
Ferritic Material 25 Hz-100 KHz w ww w ww w
Austenitic Material 100Hz-100KHz ww w 0 w ww
Non Ferrous-Metals 100Hz-100KHz ww w 0 w ww
Hard Metals 50Hz-100KHz ww ww w ww ww
Heat Treatment
Tempering 25Hz-25KHz w ww ww ww w
Surface Hardness 100Hz-25KHz ww ww ww ww ww
Case Depth of Shafts 5Hz-400KHz - ww w ww -
Case Depth 5Hz-4KHz - 0 0 0 -
Carburization 5Hz-25KHz w ww w ww w
Decarburization 10KHz-100KHz ww w w w ww
Cast Iron
Modular Cast Iron 5Hz-5KHz w ww w ww w
Ledeburite 25Hz-25KHz ww w w w ww
Grinding Abuse 5KHz-100KHz ww 0 0 0 ww
ww very good w good 0 possible - not possible      
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