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Coils and Probes
Components Tested Typically Have Been Subjected to Processes of:
Heat Treating
The Components are Typically Vital to the Function, Safety or Value of these End Product Automotive Parts and Systems:
  • Engines, Transmissions and Drive Train Components
  • Valve and Powertrain Systems
  • Steering, Chassis and Suspension Systems
  • Safety Systems, Airbags, Seat Belts
  • Bearings, Bearing Components
  • Gears, Shafts, Fasteners
  • Forged and Cast Parts
  • Hard Metals and Precision Stamped Parts
Eddy Current Testing for What?
  • Verify correct material properties from heat treatment including hardness, case depth and pattern, retained austenite, decarb and others
  • Identify material mix and correct alloy
  • Confirm as-forged or as-cast conditions prior to heat treatment
  • Grinder burn detection
  • Detect cracks, seams, pits and other surface flaws
Eddy Current Testing Know How Accepted by Reputable Companies Worldwide
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